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Collaborative Bargaining

CCEA presented a number of topics for discussion pulled from the bargaining survey completed this Spring. Top among those items are exploring solutions to compression in the salary schedules (respecting experience in pay) and controlling costs for insurance. CCEA also brought compensation for additional duties, enhancement and protection of planning time, and support for student discipline to the table. The CCSD team identified meeting the state's October 1st deadline to submit a plan for the Teacher Salary Increase funds as their top priority. No tentative agreements were reached.

This initial conversation allowed the teams to determine the kinds of data that might best inform our negotiations. In discussing economic matters, it was mentioned that many FL school districts have access to additional funding through local referendums. Though Citrus County has no such added sources of revenue, the discussion did provide a clear opportunity to seek input from our membership. Members of CCEA have been asked to complete a brief interest survey via home email addresses.

Bargaining sessions have been scheduled for 7/10, 7/20, 8/14, & 8/21. Tentative agreements will be posted to the CCEA website as they are reached. All sessions are open to the public, live streamed and recorded. Video streams can be viewed on the District's YouTube page. Please stay tuned, look for updates in our joint Negotiagrams, and support your CCEA bargaining team's efforts.


5/1/23 - CCEA/CCSD Joint Statement

Subject: Opening of 2023-2024 Contract Negotiations

As the school year winds down, CCEA and CCSD are looking ahead to the 2023-2024 school year. The 2023 FL Legislative Session comes to a close this week, so the final movement of K-12 education legislation and passage of the state budget should provide necessary clarity for contract negotiations to begin in early summer. Between now and then, the union and district bargaining teams will hold preliminary discussions to review relevant district data in preparation for bargaining.

Bargaining session dates will be published in the days ahead. All sessions are live-streamed and recorded and may be viewed on the CCSD YouTube channel throughout the bargaining cycle.

The Union and District remain committed to a collaborative bargaining process and look forward to bringing mutually beneficial agreements to the instructional and classified support units for ratification in the coming months.