Collaborative Bargaining

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2022-23 Contract Bargaining ... cont

NOTICE OF INTENT TO RATIFY:  Ratification vote will take place on November 3rd and 4th. Please look for updates from your CCEA worksite leaders.

The following Tentative Agreements represent the conclusion of the 2022-23 bargain. Upon ratification, instructional salary improvements and retroactive pay will be processed:

TA #10 & #11 – Articles XI (Instructional) and XIV (Support) – increases board match for 2023 by $10 to reach $582 per month beginning December 15th. (signed 9/26)

TA #12 – Instructional- Extra Duty Rate of Pay – provides that work outside of contract hours which is not otherwise specified in Appendix B shall be paid at $32/hour. (signed 10/20)

TA #13 – Instructional – Article XI – clarifies Appendix A as a placement schedule and updates the formula to determine performance pay to meet current statute. (signed 10/20

TA #14 – Instructional – 2022-23 Pay for Performance – in accordance with statute, provides performance pay adjustments based upon 2021-22 summative evaluation results; $166 for Highly Effective and $124.50 for Effective. (signed 10/20)

2022-23 Contract Bargaining

RATIFIED Sept 2022:

Tentative Agreements

TA #1 – MOU: Support Staff Providing Coverage – extension of 2021-22 agreement to provide compensation for support staff serving as substitutes for the 2022-23 school year (signed 4/25)

TA #2 – MOU: August 1st Voluntary PD Day (Instructional) – provides that instructional staff who attend professional development on August 1st will be paid for 7.75 hours at their regular hourly rate; staff who are unable to attend the professional development day will be able to complete training during preplanning days (signed 4/27)

TA #3 – MOU: Citrus eSchool Working Conditions – renewal of 2021-22 agreement to guide unique working conditions for Citrus eSchool teachers (signed 4/27)

TA #4 – 2022-23 Support Salary Improvements – moves minimum salary to $15 per hour as required by state statute; provides $1.25 per hour guaranteed increase, which includes the 2022-23 step increase already applied July 1, 2022 (signed 7/27)

TA #5 – 2022-23 Instructional Salary Improvements – increases the minimum teacher salary to $47,900 and provides for a $1,918.49 market adjustment for all returning instructional staff; final calculation and application of 2022-23 salary improvement (including market adjustment and pay for performance) will occur AFTER finalization of the 2021-2022 summative evaluations as required by state statute (signed 7/27)

TA #6 – Instructional Appendix B – Supplemental Pay – adjusts supplements in Appendix B based upon improvement to the minimum teacher salary (signed 7/27)

TA #7 – Support Article XIV– Work Experience – codifying existing practice for awarding work experience at the time of placement on all Support pay schedules (signed 7/27)

TA #8 & #9 – Instructional Article XIII/Support Article XVI– Duration – extend the Instructional and Support contracts through 2025 (signed 7/27)