Collaborative Bargaining

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2022-23 Contract Bargaining

NOTICE OF INTENT TO RATIFY: Copies of all agreements to date will be delivered to worksites for posting by August 18, 2022. Ratification vote will take place on September 1st and 2nd. Please look for updates from your CCEA worksite leaders.

Tentative Agreements

TA #1 – MOU: Support Staff Providing Coverage – extension of 2021-22 agreement to provide compensation for support staff serving as substitutes for the 2022-23 school year (signed 4/25)

TA #2 – MOU: August 1st Voluntary PD Day (Instructional) – provides that instructional staff who attend professional development on August 1st will be paid for 7.75 hours at their regular hourly rate; staff who are unable to attend the professional development day will be able to complete training during preplanning days (signed 4/27)

TA #3 – MOU: Citrus eSchool Working Conditions – renewal of 2021-22 agreement to guide unique working conditions for Citrus eSchool teachers (signed 4/27)

TA #4 – 2022-23 Support Salary Improvements – moves minimum salary to $15 per hour as required by state statute; provides $1.25 per hour guaranteed increase, which includes the 2022-23 step increase already applied July 1, 2022 (signed 7/27)

TA #5 – 2022-23 Instructional Salary Improvements – increases the minimum teacher salary to $47,900 and provides for a $1,918.49 market adjustment for all returning instructional staff; final calculation and application of 2022-23 salary improvement (including market adjustment and pay for performance) will occur AFTER finalization of the 2021-2022 summative evaluations as required by state statute (signed 7/27)

TA #6 – Instructional Appendix B – Supplemental Pay – adjusts supplements in Appendix B based upon improvement to the minimum teacher salary (signed 7/27)

TA #7 – Support Article XIV– Work Experience – codifying existing practice for awarding work experience at the time of placement on all Support pay schedules (signed 7/27)

TA #8 & #9 – Instructional Article XIII/Support Article XVI– Duration – extend the Instructional and Support contracts through 2025 (signed 7/27)